Delka Nenkova

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Delka Nenkova is an Award Winning Filmmaker and Actress of International Capacity.
She believes that The World could be a Good Place for Everybody and could be
achieved by the influences of filmmaking. “DELKA: Stand-Up Tall Or Fall” is
Delka’s second Story and Motion Picture that has been produced and is The
Work of her Biggest Pride*
Grewing up in Bulgaria, Delka became National Champion in Artistic Gymnastics and later toured Europe and Israel as a Model and Professional Dancer. Her excellent physical abilities in combination with acquired, extensive Theatrical Training in America’s Best Institutions, based on Stanislavski’s Method made her very unique Acting style. Now she is in the Listing of “Unique Celebrity” and “Celebrities with Xtraordinary Eyes”. Being fluent in Russian helped her land  a role in “Iron Man 2”.
Her latest movie “DELKA: Stand-Up Tall Or Fall” is her Pride where she has also enjoyed performing an Outstanding Ariel Circus Act herself, refusing to have a stunt-double. Delka Loves the Camera and, as some Critics say, the Camera Loves Delka.

“I, Delka Nenkova, am very happy and honored to have received this Award of Recognition from the Awesome Accolade Global Film Competition. I, as a Lead actress in the Movie, feel Blessed and Honored to have had the opportunity to play the role of this charismatic, always true to herself, optimistic high spirited young woman, who’s character  hopefully inspires women all around the World to follow their dreams and dare to seek, dare to go for what makes them happy, dare to achieve…dare to be whatever they want (choose) to be. I, as a Producer, did my best work to contribute to make that wonderful Idea of the Movie come alive and reach Our Audiences. I am deeply moved by the Accolade Competition’s Award of Recognition that was given to us for Film Feature for “DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall” and is the first Recognition that we were able to communicate these powerful themes,” said DELKA NENKOVA in the Accolade Global Film Competition’s Press Release.

Delka has also won Best Feature Film Award from the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival*