Will V. Moore


William Vataha Moore was born in Oceanside, California, growing up with a musician father and raised by a mother who worked as a Union Representative. He developed a unique blend of becoming a creative leader being one of four siblings: an artist, singer and producer at Marvel Studios.The summer after graduating from High School, Will entered Firefighter Academy and went on to work for CDF in the central Valley area for three years. A sudden burning desire to act came over him so he dropped his prestigious career as a firefighter to go back to school. He ended up with a performing arts degree at Fresno State University*



willWill’s skillful performances including dancing, singing, acting and Martial Arts were seen in multiple theatre productions throughout Fresno, San Diego and LA. He further mastered his craft as an Actor in TV series and Feature Films.

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Will is also now a 2 Time,  Award Winning Filmmaker and has produced a movie with Robert Boris “Endings”.  He has now finished his first feature film as a Director/Writer receiving the ACCOLADE AWARD OF RECOGNITION and LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL NEW WAVE FESTIVAL Winner for Best Film Feature “DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall”.




“I sought to inspire the public with a provocative tale of the human spirit’s will to transcend with any odds, it’s desire to dream catch and be free, and with the liberation from any opposed normalities of dogma,” says Director Will V. Moore. “I am also proud of this recognizable achievement that helps us to furthermore promote international unity, an opening conversation on proposed spirituality and invigorate social change based on an understanding of a tolerance of differences.” “ I also explore, romanticize the concept of the human will transcending time & space.” “Elements of multidimensionality”